Saturday, May 30, 2009

Version 0.8.0 Released

This version has a new map, "The Courtyard", in the full version of the game. Also improved "back button" handling in the menu for all versions.



  1. Does it also include that neat new looking tower or is that just a teaser?

  2. Can i follow you on twitter?

  3. Is there a way to save game progress when I upgrade to a different build (flash a new ROM)? I mean, is there a file that can be saved that contains the game progress that I can use after I have flashed a new ROM?

  4. 2 requests. Back button from in game to take you back to the menu instead of quitting game. And a way to scroll through the level selection faster, takes quite a while to go from level 90 to 10, maybe like a long press on the arrow increments by 10, or just hold it down and keeps counting.

  5. Awesome game-- thank you so much! Here are some feature requests / suggestions:

    1. Option to disable display sleep in game (it's really annoying when the screen blanks all of a sudden!)
    2. A help menu with detailed specs about weapons and enemies.
    3. The game seems to hang for a second or two during play, fairly frequently. Any improvements here would be appreciated.
    4. A better visualization for maps with multiple entrances and exits. I'm new to these (just bought the paid app) but find it hard to know where to look for released enemies. Maybe a zoom out option, or prehaps even better, a transparent overlay with a mini-map view of the whole playfield and dots to represent current enemies.
    5. An option to place towers between waves of enemies; i.e. you have all the time you want to drop towers between waves and then hit "go" or something when you're ready to release the robots.

    Hope you take all this in the spirit of constructive criticism. I think you've done an outstanding job and look forward to more great updates!

  6. Where I can buy a full version?

  7. OK, sorry, I figured it out - I have development version of the phone... Is there a way to purchase it outside the Android Market?

  8. I beat all the achiements,unlock everything what to do now,need more things so I can play more,pretty much I had beat everything on game