Friday, May 22, 2009

Version 0.7.0 Released

Version 0.7.0 is a bug-fix release that fixes several critical bugs (and a minor one)

Bugs fixed:

- Fixed "force close" bug that would trigger if an enemy is killed at same time it reaches the exit.
- Fixed "Internal Error: 500 Enemies" error that would trigger the game was interrupted/restarted a lot
- Changed save logic so that, if the game force closes for some reason, you will no longer lose your last save.
- Tweaked drawing routine for better stability on a heavily loaded phone
- Fixed bug where volume control would change ringer volume if a sound was not actively playing


  1. If you don't mind, here are some potential features that have popped in my head that I think would be nice.
    - Ability to turn sound on/off at any time, not just at the beginning
    - Back button goes to main menu instead of exiting app
    - "Super Canon" for maybe $500 that is very powerful, but difficult to obtain, possibly limited in use, but would still be fun to have (i.e. a BFG)
    - Mines, also expensive and limited in use, but would be nice to be able to place as at rap
    - Maps with areas the robots can walk but you cannot build
    - Maps with "dead" zones where rockets/mortars cannot pass
    - Robots take random paths, not always the shortest path (until you've corralled them of course)

  2. No offence, I'm not a fan of most those ideas. Sound, ok. Back button, of course. Random paths would be horrible imo, it would take all the strategy of building with limited resources because they could just randomly walk past all your stuff. I'd personally stop playing if it did that. Traps is a good idea, I've only seen that in a few tower defense's. Gives you something to buy if you managed to fill the screen already.

    On a separate note, you should add commas to all the stuff in rewards points area, numbers get quite confusing there atm.

  3. Great game! One thing I'd like to see in future versions is a "survival mode" where there is no wave limit, but each (or every 5-10 waves) get progressively more difficult by more and more enemies per wave. Thanks for wasting about 20 hours of my life since paid version came out!

  4. Hi Matt. Regarding the random paths... I would say that a good strategy could handle the unexpected... and it would mostly affect the beginning only, as you'd eventually guide them all to the desired path anyway. Of course, such behavior could be made an option in a menu somewhere, as could many of the other ideas.