Sunday, November 1, 2009

Problems With Game Save After Udating to 1.2.0?

Several users have reported having problems saving after upgrading their game to 1.2.0. If you fall in this group, please read below:

An uninstall/reinstall of the game is reported by others to fix the issue.

Uninstalling/reinstalling will not cause your progress to be lost, provided that you have an SD card installed. You can verify the backup file, robo_defense_full.bak, is present on the SD card for extra caution.

Uninstalling/reinstalling will not charge again you for the game - the purchase is tied to your user id.

We think that the issue may be a side-effect of turning off copy-protection for the full version of the game in 1.2.0. We have wanted to do this for a while because it reduces the download size and makes the game compatible with more phones. The market tools have historically not allowed protection to be disabled; recently they changed the tool to allow it. We don't plan on turning copy-protection on again (ever) so this should be a one-time issue.