Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Version 1.1.2 Released

Version 1.1.2 has been released. This version adds a new "Boss" character (try to find him!) and an associated achievement. There are also a couple of minor bug fixes.


Robo Defense Availability

There have been several questions regarding the availability of the full version of Robo Defense. Hopefully this post will answer some of those questions. We apologize for the delay in posting this information. We wanted to make sure our facts were accurate and that we were addressing most of the issues people might have when trying to locate Robo Defense.

Robo Defense is available on the Android Market for $2.99 USD. Currently it is the only place that Robo Defense is available for purchase and download. If you do not have access to Robo Defense through the Market, we apologize. We have been, and still are evaluating other distribution methods, but have not yet found anything that would be sufficiently secure and reliable for payments, update distributions, etc. We will not distribute Robo Defense by email.

That said, the following circumstances will prevent you from being able to locate the full version of Robo Defense on the Market.

1. Your country does not yet support paid apps - The following countries currently have paid applications available to them on the Android Market:

United Kingdom
United States

Google claims to be working on adding additional countries, but we have not been able to locate any information indicating the progress of this work.

2. Your firmware version is not at least version 1.1 - Most people will have their firmware updated automatically and are likely at version 1.5 by now, but you can verify this in the "Settings -> About Phone" menu on your phone.

3. You have a developer phone (or equivalent) - The full version of Robo Defense is copy protected. Devloper phones, or any ulocked phone that the market tags as a developer phone, can not see copy protected apps on the market. Copy protection can not be disabled on an app once released to the market as copy protected, so Robo Defense will remain copy protected. We will evaluate the need for copy protection on future apps. (Note: The Samsung Galaxy experienced a firmware update that made all phones look like developer phones and thus, unable to see copy protected apps. We have not been able to verify if this has been corrected yet.)

4. Your payment method does not support US dollars - Maestro cards in paticular have had issues purchasing US apps, but we have not been able to verify if the issue prevents users from seeing these apps on the Market, or if the issue occurs only at checkout.

If none of the circumstances above apply to you, you should be able to find the full version of Robo Defense on the Market. If you still can not locate it, try modifying your search. Strangley, we have had several reports from people that could not locate it when searching for "Robo Defense", but found the game after searching for "Lupis", "Robo", or "Defense".

Happy defending!