Sunday, June 7, 2009

Version 0.9.0 Released

This version has a new map for the full version (VR Traning).  This map is special in that you get to enter a code which determines the map layout; where entrances, exits and obstacles are located.  There are 40,000 codes total!

Changes that effect both version include a new in-game options menu where you can toggle sound and fast-forward behavior.



  1. Looking forward to playing it.

  2. And for the translation? I'm ready to help you for Italian

  3. Sexy. By the way I found another bug yesterday, after you win you can tap a tower to bring up the upgrade screen, and if you start a new game it stays stuck open (unless you build another tower behind it and tap that in the new game).

  4. The middle option, leave fast forward between levels, is backwards. If it is checked it doesn't leave fast forward, if it is unchecked it does.

  5. Is there a way to backup this game? I want to wipe my phone to factory settings, but don't want to loose my savegame!

    Where abouts is the data stored?

  6. Hi!
    I want to buy Robo Defense! BUT i have no Creditcard.. So, gives it another payment-method? for example paypal?


  7. Odd, my phone just updated RoboDefense to v0.9.0 Build 1646 but I don't see the option to set the map or fast forward. What's going on?

  8. I like the free version, so i bought the game. But I'm having problems, it just force closes when i try to open it.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.
    The game doesn't show up at all in the application drawer so I try to open it by going to market, my downloads. When I open it it just force closes.

    Can someone please help me, I really want this game to work.


  9. Gio: We are not sure we can legally accept donated time (such as translations) for a paid app. We still need to do our homework on this one. You offer is much appreciated, though.

    Patrick: Many people get by the credit card requirement by purchasing a VISA gift card. This option may work well for you.

    KirAsh4: That is strange. Are you still seeing the problem?

    csocean: I'm not sure how to back up application data. It seems like there must be a way though.

    Matt: Thanks for the bug reports. We have them noted. The one about the fast forward option is actually ambiguous wording which has been corrected.

    Jo5H: Are you running custom firmware?

  10. Yes I am. Jesus Freke 1.5 adp. Is that the problem? I haven't had problems with any other apps.

  11. JO5H: Others have reported the same issues running custom firmware and have reported that updating their custom firmware solved the issue. Note that we only test using official firmware and can not reproduce or debug issues that occur on custom platforms.

  12. Well I wiped my phone and the game worked I did AppsToSD and the game quit working. So its not the custom firmware, its having the game on the sd card. But the free version works fine running from the SD card. I haven't had problems with any other app either. So I think it is an issues with just this game.

    I'd appreciate it if you would look into it, I need AppsToSD. This game is only the third program I've bought in the 3 months I've had this phone.