Saturday, May 23, 2009

Version 0.7.1 Released

This version adds automatic backup of your progress (rewards/achievements). The backup is made each time you go to the title. If you progress gets lost for some reason, the backup will automatically be used to restore the progress. Like most backup systems, this means that you may lose a little bit of progress if the backup has to be used, but not all of it.

Note that the backup does not protect your data if you uninstall the game. It mainly prevents data loss if the phone is forced to kill the game while its in the middle of saving progress (due to low power, etc).


  1. Can we safely delete the free version? I remember reading someone said that deleting the free version made them lose the stats.

    And does this version add the saves on the card for debugging yet?

  2. The free and full version have always stored their data separately so uninstalling the free version should not cause any data loss. I personally am constantly uninstalling/reinstalling the free version as a side effect of various testing processes.

    No saves on the SD card yet.

  3. I'm exchanging my G1 for a new one. How can I take my progress with me?

  4. Brad: I'm looking into your question; I'm not sure how to transfer the data at the moment.

  5. Saves to the SD card would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.