Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Version 1.1.1 Released

I realized today that, in version 1.1.0, the FREE and FULL versions use the same filename for the SD card backup and that this opens up the potential for bad things to happen if you have both versions installed and happen to switch between the two (e.g. the backup could restore to the wrong version and wipe out progress).

This small update gives the free and full SD backup files unique names.


  1. Hi! I'm a big Robo Defense fan, bought the full version, have lost a few pounds because Robo Defense keeps me on the exercise cycle, etc. It's unclear where and how you want feature suggestions, so I'm tucking this in here for lack of a better spot...

    Particularly for towers, there is some algorithm you use to determine which vehicle they target. It appears to be based on current strength of the vehicle (attack a 5-point tank over a 3-point jeep) and perhaps some other factors.

    It'd be slick to have user options for weighting the targeting criteria. In my case, I'd really prefer more weight on speed rather than strength, as I get sliced up by jeeps while my towers pound away at tanks that aren't going anywhere. Even better would be more weight on proximity to the vehicle's target -- it's frustrating to watch towers pound at tanks while jeeps "sneak in" a door behind them.

    Anyway, just a thought. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. And, again, it's a great app!

  2. Feature Suggestions:

    Complete level 100
    Complete level 150
    Complete level 200
    Complete a level with no more than 3 towers up
    Complete a level with no more than 1 tower up
    Complete level 40 with 40 health or more
    Complete level 50 with 50 health or more
    Complete level 60 with 60 health or more
    Complete level 70 with 70 health or more
    Complete level 50 without losing any health
    Complete level 100 without losing any health
    Complete level 150 without losing any health
    Complete level 200 without losing any health

    There's more I'd post pertaining to certain levels and such but I'm not sure these comments are read if I see that they are I'll expand this post.

    Maybe implament a FAQ section in the game menus or something detailing what each tower does because I don't exactly know what flame burn tower does so I don't use it.

  3. Can you please add some way for people unable to access paid market to purchase this game. I love the free version, but I want to buy the full one now.

  4. I would like to buy the Robo Defense and I went to www.cyrket.com

    But it seems I can't buy the application because the Market said it can not find pname:com.magicwach.rdefense

  5. Where do i purchase robo defense the full version. cant find it anywhere and there is no information about where i can buy it?

  6. Au citizen here, cant access paid market

    where can I pay for a full version ?

  7. how about an option where you can buy the fully upgradable missle tower all at once. either 20, 50, 80 depending on which one you wanted same with the gun and slowdown towers

  8. i came here to ask the same question as lots of others has asked; i can not access the paid market (norway, europe), but want the full version. how? all this money just waiting for you =)

  9. I'm in a similar position. On the marketplace I can download and play the free version but if I go back to the marketplace and search for "Robo" or any other keywords it doesn't come up with the Full version (On the new HTC Hero) Which I want to buy!

  10. Is there a way to load a backup file from the SD card? I have upgraded my handset and have the backup file on the SD card. I re-installed the game on the new phone and played a bit before I realized I could load the backup.

  11. Absolutely fantastic work, Looking forward to what you come up with next!

  12. Based on the lack of feedback, I'd assume there is no way to manually load a backup file? I still have my old backup file (from my G1) SD card, however on my new My Touch I can't get this file to load. I have purchased the full version of the game if that matters.

  13. I need this game !!!!!
    Please where can buy it

  14. Same here can't find it anywhere...... please help!!!!

  15. I searched for lupis labs at the market and there it was, the free and paid version, try it out, good luck

  16. nope just done that only the free version... maybe it's not available in th uk?...

  17. hi, i love this game .. been playing it for more than a month now and so have unlocked a lot of achievements and rewards ... but i was planning on flashing my HTC Magic with a different rom, and was wondering if there was an easy way to transfer all of those over or would i have to start from scratch again?

  18. actually nevermind ... i just saw that version 1.1.0 saves the progress/achievements on the sd card, so i wont have any problems if i flash my rom :)

  19. Level 200-80 the game froze up. too much for it to handle? need a fix/update

  20. Heelo, great game! In canada rigers blocks paid apps on the android market. I was wondering if I could purchase the full version directly?


  21. Hi, it`s really a great game!But..can somebody tell me how to get the full version??

  22. Hello!

    I got your game las week and spent more that 10H on it.
    I really like it! I have a question and a suggestion:

    Is there a way to know the levels I already completed for each map ?
    If not, that would be a cool feature. For instance to display the level in the new game selection screen with a different color if :
    * already completed
    * failed attempt.
    * no attempt yet.

    Of course, if a player defeat level 3 without playing level 2, the level 2 would be marked as completed as well.
    An other interesting thing might be to keep stats about time played on levels (and total). Number of try...
    Last suggestion, that would be interesting to find a clever way to display the ratio between the power level of the player and the level of the map. A very powerful player defeating level 0 is not really a challenge. Measuring the player challenge for a map/level would be great as it means more to me that beating a level, knowing that by trying and trying again, I will be more powerful and it will become easier.
    Anyways, for me, it is the best game on the platform so far, keep up the amazing work!


  23. Ugh, does the paid version use forward locking (copy protection)? I have the ADP1 and it doesn't even show up in the Market for me. I've been obliterating this free version. I need the full version. It's not like the copy protection is even "real" copy protection.

    I've got money. Want it?

  24. i have an unlocked phone ... the issue is that some wireless providers (e.g. Rogers in canada) have blocked paid market for one reason or another .. you need to root your phone, there are numerous guides online ... just google .. and then install Market Enabler .. this will enable all paid apps on your market .. and then you need a google checkout account to enjoy all the paid apps

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. criminy! answer the question everyone is asking.. how do we get the full version!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi,

    I am from HK and "paid app" is not allowed in our android market yet. Any way I can buy this app?


  28. I think I've found a bug in the program but don't know where to report it. While playing level 100 the game stopped about half way through and gave the error:

    Internal Error: Events Allocated 500 > 500

    I had this happen at least 3 times on level 100 and then again on level 110 (at about wave 50).

    Is this a known bug and if so, how can I avoid it.

    Thanks for your help and thanks for a great game!


  29. Jeesus christ... with this many people going to your website and asking how to buy it from outside the paid market, you'd think there would be a statement. After all people are asking how they can give you money.
    (and I am too!)

  30. Would love to buy the app as well but I'm unable to since Telenor (Denmark) does not allow paid apps in the market. Just bought EasyMoney through their website and used the in-app upgrade functionality - please do something similar!

  31. Ummm...do I know you??? do you play puzzle pirates?

  32. Workaround for Steve on Events error: I ran into this as well and I think it is a count of shots fired but not landed. My workaround is to putt a few heavy shooters early in the maze to kill of the speedsters and to have a removable block to shorten the maze so the slow guys can catch up. This means about half the towers are inactive at any instant. I got to level 340 doing this, but now I need sll those shots to survive.
    It is just a new challenge! A quick fix for Lupis would be to ignore any active shots over 500.


    Searched for Lupis Labs at the Android market on your phone.

    You will see a free and paid version.

    you are welcome. :D

  34. Hi I love this game! I wasn't very happy with my HTC Magic but this game makes it better. Imagine that. A game rescuing a phone!
    Here are my suggestions:
    able to hide the 3 buying icons (for late game when you only upgrade)
    can we please have a strategy guide? e.g. what the towers do and what they're good against. Artillery doesn't seem to have any advantage other than its range.

  35. Here's a tip I found: there are bonuses for money and life remaining, but not for towers. On wave 100 I try and sell as many towers as I can, I think this can earn about 100,000 more points. This is much easier if the last wave is mostly the slow moving, heavily armoured $10 units.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. I live in Brazil, and here I can not buy the Robo Defense. Why? It is not available in the market to buy :(

  38. I played the game for about five minutes and immediately went to buy the full version. Except for the fact that it seems to eat a full battery in about an hour, I absolutely love this game.

    One question : with all the nice graphics for units and weapons and effects, it seems like the the mortar/artillery graphic is kind of lame. Seems to just be a little orange square. Am I missing something?

    One demand : port this to the PC so I can play it on a great big screen with a mouse!

  39. Hi from John

    Wish to contact King Lupis. We wish to represent the games from Lupislabs in a country we are located. There is no way to contact you, so I am leaving this email to you, here. My email address is wireless33@hotmail.com I will give you my company ppt, if King Lupis can give us the contact info. Thanks aot.


  40. Please make more achievements, towers, upgrades, items to unlock, etc. It gets too slow when you have done everything already and play the same levels forever. I love the game, but please add more. Thanks!

  41. I realized today that, in version 1.1.0, the FREE and FULL versions use the same filename for the SD card backup and that this opens up the potential for bad things to happen if you have both versions installed and happen to switch between the two (e.g. the backup could restore to the wrong version and wipe out progressswtor gold
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