Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robo Defense Availability

There have been several questions regarding the availability of the full version of Robo Defense. Hopefully this post will answer some of those questions. We apologize for the delay in posting this information. We wanted to make sure our facts were accurate and that we were addressing most of the issues people might have when trying to locate Robo Defense.

Robo Defense is available on the Android Market for $2.99 USD. Currently it is the only place that Robo Defense is available for purchase and download. If you do not have access to Robo Defense through the Market, we apologize. We have been, and still are evaluating other distribution methods, but have not yet found anything that would be sufficiently secure and reliable for payments, update distributions, etc. We will not distribute Robo Defense by email.

That said, the following circumstances will prevent you from being able to locate the full version of Robo Defense on the Market.

1. Your country does not yet support paid apps - The following countries currently have paid applications available to them on the Android Market:

United Kingdom
United States

Google claims to be working on adding additional countries, but we have not been able to locate any information indicating the progress of this work.

2. Your firmware version is not at least version 1.1 - Most people will have their firmware updated automatically and are likely at version 1.5 by now, but you can verify this in the "Settings -> About Phone" menu on your phone.

3. You have a developer phone (or equivalent) - The full version of Robo Defense is copy protected. Devloper phones, or any ulocked phone that the market tags as a developer phone, can not see copy protected apps on the market. Copy protection can not be disabled on an app once released to the market as copy protected, so Robo Defense will remain copy protected. We will evaluate the need for copy protection on future apps. (Note: The Samsung Galaxy experienced a firmware update that made all phones look like developer phones and thus, unable to see copy protected apps. We have not been able to verify if this has been corrected yet.)

4. Your payment method does not support US dollars - Maestro cards in paticular have had issues purchasing US apps, but we have not been able to verify if the issue prevents users from seeing these apps on the Market, or if the issue occurs only at checkout.

If none of the circumstances above apply to you, you should be able to find the full version of Robo Defense on the Market. If you still can not locate it, try modifying your search. Strangley, we have had several reports from people that could not locate it when searching for "Robo Defense", but found the game after searching for "Lupis", "Robo", or "Defense".

Happy defending!


  1. I'm in Australia, but I still found the paid version on the Market (fortunately).

  2. I am also in Australia but can't find the paid version on the market. It's such a great game -- I've finished all of the free levels and would like to get the paid version, but no luck for me or so it seems.

  3. What network are you on? I'm using a HTC Magic, which I bought from 3.

  4. I live in Canada and have no Android market. I should not have to beg for you to take my money :(

  5. From Canada here and totally think its stupid how its not available for everyone. Put a link on your site or something that allows you to buy it using paypal then once paid you get to download it. I've done all the levels and have over 3 million points and would love to be able to upgrade my guns pass level 3. The longer this goes on without getting fix makes it that the game gets old and people won't pay for it due to the fact that a new game will come out. Amazing game nonetheless. Email me once you fix it for Canada and every other country that can't buy the full version. Thanks again in advance.

  6. A co-worker and I constantly get an error something like internal error : events 500>500 and the game ends...common above level 400 for both of us, uncommon level below 400.

    My friend thinks his says 5000>5000 but I know mine says 500>500 just saw it and felt I should post.

    It's a bit frustrating since a game is about an hour and then it ends like this.

  7. I'm in the US and I purchased Robo Defense from the Market, but I repeatedly get the "Download Unsuccessful" message. I have tried the following:

    1) Redownload (many times)
    2) Refund/Repurchase
    3) Factory Reset

    All my other apps download and update fine. Can you contact me about this? ron [theatsignthing] tohuw [dot] net.

  8. Come on guys.

    Make a version you can buy on the internet, if you don't live in one of the fortunate markets. We want to spend money, heck, I'd even be happy to pay more if it's more expensive to set up a fix on the net

  9. I need to buy this great game from Hungary! Please do something!

  10. Addicted to the game, but can't buy the full version here in Scandinavia...
    What about making the game available on some platforms like

    Do you realize that there are thousands of us willing to give you money but that just can't??

  11. I can recommend the unfortunates who lives somewhere this game cannot be bought, to download "Mini Android Defense". Not as much fun, but close. And a good alternative, when you get tired of playing the freeversion of Robo Defense and has nowhere to spend your money for the full version :-/

  12. I really don't get this. A lot of people know how to download stuff 'for free' and will probably resort to that if you keep refusing to take our money. I really can't believe the way you guys are handling this ...

    There are a lot of other options out there for you to sell us the game, so don't give us that lame excuse that the market place is the only good option for you now.

    You are leaving a lot of money on the table that will disappear. Even bad options are better than none at this point, because once Google has made paid apps available your game will have become 'old'.

    I even doubt how hard Google is working on it. Their checkout app is limited and my guess would be that that is the main reason.

  13. Similarly to others, I just wanted to say that I'm both desperate to buy the full version but can't because of having a (very common) payment type that Google bizarrely doesn't support.

    Remember that for us to post comments on this website means that we're unusual in our determination - so we represent hundreds if not thousands of others who would, if they failed to download, just type 'robo defense' into google. If that failed, they'd probably just give up. I wouldn't mind paying more for a version downloaded off the internet.

    You really ought to consider that at least in the UK, Robo Defense is #1 in the charts (both free and paid) - the system is working perfectly for you because everyone rates it so highly. Please consider the ways you might be able to expand!

  14. It's not available in Hongkong.
    I can't find a full version on my market
    no matter using "robo" "defense" "robo defense" "lupis" ....... Does it ready for Hongkong user?
    I'm now using Moto Driod

  15. Hi,
    I'm from Russia and I can't byu full version.
    Whats about

  16. Add me to the list of people who can't buy the official version of the game. I love the game and really want to support you guys, but if there are no official channels then you will end up driving people to look for alternative means like warez sites and forums.

  17. Add my name to the list of folks who want to send you money for the full version but cannot because of geography.

    Fantastic game - bizarre business model. Why don't you guys have any online presence other than a google blog? Do you work for Google?

    Again, fiercely addictive game - don't understand why you won't take our money.


  18. Posting from Australia - get the 'download unsuccessful' message despite successfully giving you my money.

    I really like the game too. Got my refund. Will try again later I guess.

  19. i'm with rubenB here! You really have a weird business model. make an official site , have a proper contact info and LET US pay you by paypal!!

    I want the full game!

    Come on!!

    If anything changes, please contact me!

  20. And the next one who is willing to me (even more if that is required to get it from another source).

    I bought several G1 Android apps from Handango where you can find more software developers who want to reach the large market outside the Market.

    We want to spread the word about you, but can't really do it if we can't even get the full app ourselves.

    Or in other words: we love you and hate it that we can't play with you.

  21. Hi there! I'm from Russia and it means that I don't have an access to paid market area :( But I would kindly like to buy the full version as well. Could I buy it as APK file and install it over SDK?

    Thanks, Anton.

  22. Hi, I am from Singapore and have completed the free version. Would love to purchase the full version... Please make it available.
    I believe this will bring more awareness, $$ and development to your company.

  23. September 09 -> May 10 Nothing happend?
    Still cant buy it, theres gotta be thousands of dollars to harvest here!
    It will take you guys 10 minutes to get this set up over paypal. Problem solved, why isent this done?

  24. Hi,

    I am from India and I have a rooted unlocked t-mob G1 running OpenEclair 2.1 that I purchased in Seattle. I would like to purchase the full version. Contact me on robodefensejunky [at] gemiroquai [dot] com when you get around to setting it up.

  25. I paid for the download but was unable to install it, can anyone help with suggestions? From Texas, US

  26. Hi, any chance I can pay you via paypal and get the application via email?


  27. I would like to buy full version of Robo defense, but I can`t. How can I get to full version?

  28. I am in the UK but this isnt visible on our market for some reason. I can find it with AppBrain, but when I go to download it it says that the file cannot be found. Very annoying!!

  29. "download unsuccessful". Repeatedly. HELP! Samsung vibrant, United States

  30. I'm also in the UK and am unable to find either version of the game. I'm using a HTC wildfire on T-mobile.

  31. I paid for this app and installed it , then had to change my number now then full version is gone can Lupus labs help

  32. Hi, I am Genie from Bizpop Co., in Korea where specializes in distributing smart phone games. We have an interest in your game; Robo Defense and we hope to get a chance to service it in Korea. However, I can’t find your contact information anywhere in website. So I leave my email address here, Please leave your contact information, and then I will give further business proposal. FYI, Korea is the one of the big market in game industry. And currently 4 million people are using smart phone and the numbers will continue to grow rapidly. Hope to consider and look forward to receiving your response. Thanks.

  33. I'm here in the USA with sprint.
    As someone else posted, I tried to buy, the install failed to happen after several attempts. I got the refund and sorry to say I'll give up on getting the game until there is another billing option.

  34. Sell the app on the SlideME market!!!

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