Monday, July 13, 2009

Version 1.1.0 Released

Version 1.1.0 has been released

This version saves a backup of your progress to your SD card (if present). This feature gives you the ability to keep your progress if you need to reset the phone or get a new phone.

Also included are some bug fixes:

- "New Game" menu fixed when in fast-forward mode
- Corrected misspelling in "Fast Lane" achievement


  1. Bug: I was in game, went to the options, hit go back, and it started over the game.

  2. LOL... Sad this did not come out a week sooner. My little bro master rest my phone July 11th... All 40 Achievements GONE... I really almost killed him.

    Anyway great work on the game i love it.. Even though I have to start over.

  3. Need more achievements. I know every update i say that but i have completed them all and i am working on passing level 180. lets go!

  4. Hi

    I'm Canadian and I don't have acces to the Paid Marketplace. I can only get the Free Version. How can I Purchase the full game??? I'm really addicted and want to buy.

  5. @Terenox

    You can root your dream/magic and then get Market Enabler ... just google it ... thats how i got access to the pair version

  6. Hi,
    I'm french, and I would want to buy the full version.
    I'm checking the market every day, but I didn't yet find it.
    What should I do to buy it ?
    Thx for the info, and thx for this game :-)

  7. I currently have the free version, when I buy the full version will it carry over my progress, ex. Achivments, points ect.? Or will I loose them?