Monday, May 30, 2011

Verssion 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.20 has been released!

New Features:
- New Mixer Map "E", features randomized fixed path levels
- Added French, Japanese, and German languages
- Final score window is displayed longer

Bug Fixes:
- Progress save avoids overwriting backup file if progress is lost or reset
- Text formatting fixes for smaller displays



  1. Thanks for continuing development on this game!

    I would like to suggest that RoboDefense needs to provide more metrics to the players. This provides additional gameplay by motivating us to analyze our strategy and spend time thinking about our map layout.

    The best part is that an update like this benefits all players, regardless of their current level (which I feel is the biggest part lacking about the recent updates - nothing was really challenging for the veterans).

    Some suggestions for metrics would include:
    * "Kills per weapon"
    * "Number of Seconds Firing per weapon"
    * (After map completion) "Duration Time" (and maybe store the top three fastest in Survivor mode)
    * (After map completion) "Number of Enemies Teleported" (helpful to determine my progress in Survival mode)

    "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Let us manage our gameplay :)

  2. FYI found a bug in the mix map E mode. If the path snakes adjacent to itself, the enemies will basically deviate from the intended path and take the shortest route possible.

    As an example, try playing E0003 and watch what the enemies do near the end of the path.

  3. Hello and congrats for the good work.

    Just wanted to say that on your last patch, the French translation is really sloppy (thanks Google Trad) and it is horrible to read when you're a French native.

    Could it be possible to add an option that allows us to choose the langage (and hopefully switch back to english)?

  4. Hey, first of all you make a great game ;)
    but i just found some "translation-fails" ;)
    in the german Version of the game

    It shouls be "Verweise" instead of "Kredite"...a "Kredit" is a Loan from a Bank...not the perfect translation..but better than Kredite ;)

    In the archievement Screen you should write "Beende eine Karte mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad xy oder höher" instead of "Beende eine Karte auf dem Schwierigkeitsgrad xy oder höher eingestellt"

    At the archievement "Perfect 100" the sentence just sounds weird and isn`t should be "Beende eine Karte ohne ein einziges Leben zu verlieren"

    the folowing archievements too..."Beende eine Karte ohne einen verlangsamungs Tower (ice tower)/ Maschinenpistolen Tower (Gun Tower) zu bauen"

    it should also be "Erreiche insgesammt 1.000.000 Punkte (xy/1.000.000)" (of course also with the 50m) instead of "Spielstand 1.000.000 Punkte auf Lebenszeit (xy/1.000.000)"

    "Beende eine Karte mit 1 verbleibendem Leben"
    instead of
    "Beende eine Karte mit 1 verbleibenden Gesundheit"

    Also the "Beende eine Karte mit mindestens 18 Gesundheiten" should be a "Beende eine Karte mit mindestens 18 Leben"

    Archievement 30/30
    it should be a "Beende ein Spiel auf stufe >=30 und Leben >=30"

    and it should be "Überlebensmodus" instead of "Überlebensmodum"

    and the "Spielstand" could be "Punkte"

    that`s all for now, keep up the developement ;)

  5. I think the whole german translation is crap. It seems to be an automatik translation.

    I would volunteer to translate by hand...

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  7. Is it possible to disable the german translation?

  8. Yes, pleeaaase give us back the english version!

  9. Japanese machine translation is really bad...
    If you want to improve it, please contact me!
    I'm native Japanese speaker.

  10. Heeeeelp, I get only errors when I try to update the app!?!

    I have no problems updating other apps, so what's going on?

    The status of Robo Defense in my Market is "Purchased". When I click on "Install" and "OK" after some time it only says "Download unsuccessful"... :o(

    What can I do? (Resetting the cache of the Market App has not solved the problem.)

    BTW: I'm a german user.

  11. If you want a translation by a native-german user just contact me

    icq: 482282885
    skype: madmikedeluxe

  12. Any chance you can make this game for iPod touch? My son (who is 13) loves it, but I don't want him playing on my Android phone.

  13. You should really release this one for the iphone as well. since its the best TD I ever played.

  14. There is a problem on this version for SAMSUNG GALAXY S2. the game will hang after certain times.

  15. Hello, thanks for this game!
    But with the free version on the Samsung Galaxy S2, it heats the dual core CPU, and then the game closes...
    Will it be the same with the full version?

    Thank you!

  16. UI suggestions for Robo Defense:
    1) Add two-finger gestures
    a. If you put two fingers down and move them then the field should follow the fingers.
    b. If you put two fingers down and “pinch” then the field should zoom in and out.
    c. If you are placing a tower and you place a second finger down, then you should be able to move the field and zoom. When lift the finger that is “holding” the tower, then the zoom should return to what it was when you first selected the tower (it should pop back to the previous zoom level). This allows you to quickly zoom in to where you are placing the tower and precisely place it without having to constantly zoom back out.
    d. Have an option to remove the zoom slider control at the top (it wouldn’t be necessary once pinching zooms).
    e. If one finger is placed before the other then it becomes the focus point for sliding and zooming.
    f. If I put two fingers down, even if one of them is on a tower, it should move and zoom the field, not select the tower (don’t select a tower until the finger is removed in a “click” action).
    2) Tower upgrade dialog
    a. The tower upgrade dialog should have a spot for “close” as well as clicking off of the dialog.
    3) Reward points page
    a. This page, on tablets, has a lot of real estate between the description and the button. It would be nice to have each row have opposite coloring. Like this: This would make it much easier to select the correct row.
    4) Planning
    a. The problem, as I see it, is that for small phones and fat fingers the games takes on a dexterity component that doesn’t enhance the game at all. The game should be about strategy and so any help that can be given to help avoid dexterity errors should be embraced. Currently the only help the game gives for dexterity is to not allow the path to be closed off. Therefore, a planning feature that would help map out your strategy and potentially help with dexterity would be very useful.
    b. One idea I had for a planning feature would be while the game is paused to give the option of dragging colored blocks onto the board to help players to put the towers where they want them. The colored blocks (or patterned blocks, etc.) would modify the background while placing towers to help the player to follow a plan. You could give them 3 or 4 different colors or patterns which they would assign in any way that suited them (the colors would not affect game play in any way, but optionally, could affect placement of towers).
    c. What I was thinking was that you could pre-assign one color to the “path” and not allow towers to be placed on that color. This would help younger players (and those of us with fat fingers) to not make mistakes when building their defense.
    d. The colors could simply create a “snap” style feature where the towers have an affinity for certain colors rather than actually disallowing dropping on the colors. I don’t know what would be best for gameplay.
    e. Below is a mock-up of a screen shot while the game is paused. It shows yellow for the “path”, magenta for offense (guns, heat, etc.), and green for passive (slow, etc.). The green was a particularly bad choice on this map as it is hard to see against the grass, but hopefully it conveys the concept. Also, it got quite tedious placing colors; so I just did part of the screen shot.
    f. I’m not sure if the path should show up all the time while the game is being played, or only while placing a tower and in “pause”.

  17. Love the game! Thanks so much for all of your efforts.

    A minor bug in Survival Mode: If you set your Difficulty Level to your current max and then win a Survival Mode game, it will unlock the next ten levels. You can repeat this indefinitely to unlock many levels that you cannot actually beat.

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  19. Hi i am a member of IGN and my boss wants me to do a review of your game Robo defense but i need the game to do that so where can i get the fullversion for free thankyou

    Chris from IGN

  20. Samsung Galaxy S2 - the game freezes and crashes ( full game ) :(

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  22. Hello, I'm from Argentina and I was wondering. If I buy the full version, is it going to be updated for free when a new version comes out?
    please excuse me if a made any mistake with the grammar or whatever

  23. May I ask how to reset the score and points? I bought the game yesterday and wanted a fresh start from the free version.


  24. I have an idea, make an option where you can choose how many waves do you want, instead of 100, maybe put the max about 250-300 waves, this will make the game even more fun. And the option to choose only air units, or tanks, or only fast paced units, this will bring something new into the game.
    Reply me please, so i can know, to expect these changes or no.

  25. Hey. just haft to let you know robo def. freezes alot for my samsung galaxy s2. doesnt seem to be a pattern. dif. levels and dif. situations. i have the full version.

    Great game! Played it alot on my samsung galaxy 1 phone. lvl 500 something :)

  26. yeah it also hangs frequently on my samsung galaxy S2 :(

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  29. Can would you think of developing for windows phone 7?

  30. I purchased this and had to reset my phone. How do I download again without having to buy again?
    strwrse1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. Hi, I had posted on this page before also. I would request you to upload your game Robo Defense FREE on our social community mobile application store Mobango. This game is really good and our android traffic would love to have this game on the store. Request you to please send me an email on

    Thanks and have a good day.


  32. At higher levels you get negative credit for killing the Titan. I first see this while playing level 4970 on the VR map type A. I should get near 4 or 5 million points, but it subtracts that amount for the kill. It did not do this error on level 4960.

  33. I was wondering if it would be possible to get an automatic re-arm feature for the mines and teleport pads, ie in the base selection of the tower there would also be an option for 5 transports $15 and 10 transports $30 so that way the pads would automatically arm themselves without having to worry about what is happening on opposite sides of the screen

  34. Hi, unfortunately there is a bug is this version I would like to report. Seeing as I haven't found a "report bug" section I will post here. On the Samsung Galaxy Europa, if you finish a level while plugged into a computer with USB turned off, it locks the function that subtracts reward points when upgrading. (ie, it upgrades but doesn't subtract the reward points.)

    Wonderful game, new to the Android platform, so this game was a nice discovery. Please keep up the nice work. Would be nice to see metrics in the game and bonuses to kills if killed within so many squares from spawn point, too far away would reduce the kill points. Would also like to see a more Uber Robo unit like "behemoth" or maybe a "Titan Mark 2" that cannot be teleported. And maybe a wave where there is several Titans released either stacked or metered out with other distractions.

  35. I think there is a bug for the achievement called "Ultra Game". I know I have broken the 5,000,000+ point requirement multiple times but I have yet to earn the achievement. I have just played a map where I earned 3,256,000; 680,000; 890,000 and 988,000 points (numbers aren't that accurate, I had to scribble them down quickly but the first three or four digits are 100% accurate.)

    That adds up to 5,814,000 points yet I have not earned the Ultra Game achievement. I am running the game on an HTC Evo 4G with Android version 2.3.3.

    I would like to see more tower types or enemy types that make better use of unused towers. I have yet to care about gun towers and I am approaching level 200. Maybe the Titan or a similar super unit can makes more appearances and count for more than one health point when it makes it across the map. More maps would be nice too. Something like the roadway map or courtyard.

    Thanks for the awesome game!

  36. There is no bug for the ultimate, the achievement must be made DURING the game you're are playing, NOT as a TOTAL at the end. If you are approaching level 200 already then firepower-wise you should be able to handle the "survivor" mode, when finished you will have achieved the goal.

  37. I got a new phone. How can i copy over my saves, achieves etc to new phone without rooting them?

  38. Hey,
    I really like your game and I would really like to buy the full version, but since I don't own a creditcard (and don't intend to ever own one), I'm stuck with the free version (of course I could just download the full version somewhere for free, but I'd honestly prefer paying for all the effort you put into this).
    tl;dr: the Android Market paying policy sucks and I'm sure it keeps lots of people from legally getting full versions.
    I don't know if there's any other platform you could upload your game on, but if you ever do so, please let your fans know :)

  39. This was one of the first apps I grabbed when I got my droid, over a year ago now. I've loved every update and have played it nearly every day since (yes, I might have a problem...)

    I could gush about this game all day, but the reason I'm here is to request a feature. An acheivement: Perfect game on Survival Mode. I finally got this the other day after working for an embarrassingly long time, but with no achievement for it, it sort of rained on my parade.

    You already have a Perfect Game Bonus, which is great. I'd just suggest extending that to give an achievement if the Perfect Game Bonus is earned in Survival Mode.

    Fantastic game! Thank you for continually improving it!

  40. Doesn't work on the galaxy s2, and I read it is not working on the Atrix either. So many games work flawlessly on dual core phones, and all you do is write "disable sound on the s2/Atrix" ? This game has been abandoned. I'm a paying customer, please fix the game. We haven't seen an update for more than 3 months !!

  41. Hi KingLupis,

    Huge huge huge fan of the title; easily the best TD game for Android. A lot of our players have been asking us to reach out to you guys because they want their scores to count towards their OpenFeint points total.

    I'd be interested in featuring your game to our 115MM players -- at no cost to you. We feature games we like and our social gaming features make games more fun and engaging.

    Will you be available for a Skype chat next week? Feel free to add me (tsueno5) or email me at I'd love to see if there's a chance for us to work together. :)


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