Monday, April 11, 2011

Version 2.0.9 Released

- Fix 16-bit backgrounds options
- Fix Survival mode bug where last level may not be 100
- Fix crash when selling a tower
- Limit max reward cost to 2,000,000,000



  1. LL pls update to xperia play

  2. Since this last upgrade - I went from getting 160,000,000 in basic level survival mode to getting 12,000,000 for a game. It's no longer pumping out the thick stacks of bots or aircraft, so no money to build towers. I played at least 5 games in survival and no increase in difficulty. Droid 2.

  3. Can you add a feature to be able to save presets of the VR levels and tower mix modes. I have found some cool combinations of VR levels but find it a bit ridiculous that I have to right them down in order to play them again in the future.

  4. If you're in the mood for adding another weapon to the mix that would be alright with me. Maybe a laser cannon or a type of radio tower that calls in air support when activated.

  5. Agree with bogdogmax survivor mode is lacking in bots and aircraft not fun anymore it became to easy I've only tried basic level with it so far
    Hey bogdogmax how do u maximize gut reward that I have all acheivements and usually end the game with over 3000 cash and not losing a single life (perfectgame) but the most I've ever gotten from a game is 22,000,000

  6. Sean - it seemed to me that as you played survivor mode it would get harder each time. If you lost, it would seem to kick down a level in difficulty. I have some pretty strong upgrades on everything (400%) and I was getting lines of ufos stacked almost on top of each other 3/4 the length of the screen. I just button mashed some teleporters and the line would have to run across the screen 2 times before they would start dieing... and that was with 60-70 full power anti-air missiles. I would stop building after wave 70 since the screen was 70% solid block of anti-air missiles. I would end up with around 20,000 in cash.

    Thats all over now - I only get a few aircraft since the upgrade.

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