Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Version 2.0.7 Released

Version 2.0.7 has been released.

New Features:
- New Level: "The Roadway"
- Special game unlock for those that finish survivor mode!
- Hardware acceleration enabled on Xoom - the performance improvement is significant!




  2. Please add individual kill counters to each tower so that we can see how effective certain towers are in certain spots. Like when you click on a tower there should be a kill count in the window that pops up.

  3. Nice updates. I now have 86 Achievement Points and have cleared level 1,000 in VR Training (A3561). I have all of the rewards unlocked.
    Stronger Bullets - 43
    Stronger Explosives - 50
    Faster Rocket Reload - 50
    Faster Antiair Reload - 50
    Faster Artillery Reload - 46
    Longer Slowdown - 47
    Health Reward - 51
    Starting Cash - 50

    I don't know what Randomize Tower means either. I haven't seen how to do it in a game.

  4. Hi,

    New level "The Roadway" too easy, need just few minute to complete the level 100. Please add interesting new challenges.

    Mode mix tower : don't understand what's change in the game.

    So for old player like me, that update is interresting 2 days...

    Mayde with the payement in app, you could program real interresting things.


  5. Hello! Firstly I would like say that I absolutely love this game, and thanks for the latest enhancements!

    I definitely agree with the previous comment about adding the ability to view a tower's kill count. It would be a nice feature.

    Laurent's comment about veteran gameplay is true: many of these updates only extend our game a few hours. We need some kind of "recurring" incentive. Possibly make some of the Achievements repeatable? In other words, make them similar to the end game bonus points (in addition to the Perfect Game bonus points, add in a "90% Fast Forward" bonus).

    One of the disadvantages about the "Beat Map At X Level" Achievements is that they're completed unrelated to the player's current Max Level. Sure, they're fun to the new players who have a distant goal, but to the veterans, it takes us an hour. Can you create Achievements as a function of the player's max level?

    Again, thanks for this game and for taking the time to read my comments. Can't wait until the next upgrade!


  6. Are you considering making a PC version of the game?

  7. Any hope for an "endless" mode that never ends until you lose?

  8. i agree with scotty j, i was thinking about an extra level of fast forward too. maybe an unlock that when you hit fast forward twice, it doubles or triples the current fast forward rate. i am getting bogged down in training everything in the 40-50 range.

  9. I love the update, the new map is very cool. I would like to see a new tower set or baddies.

    You know what we need guys. A fourm where can go talk about the game and our issues.

    Kinglupis is there such a place?

  10. Bought the full version a week ago and STILL have not gotten my scores and achievements to import from the free version. Is there a trick to it?

  11. Okay so with the Tower Mix setting, What is the combination for all towers cost 1$ and Please add a kill count for us MEN who need it.

    Stronger Bullets - 61
    Stronger Explosives - 59
    Faster Rocket Reload - 62
    Faster Antiair Reload - 56
    Faster Artillery Reload - 56
    Longer Flame Burn - 5 hahaha
    Longer Slowdown - 44
    Health Reward - 66
    Starting Cash - 50

    Get at me

  12. i found out using randomize that 42215 makes the rocket towers range HUGE.
    post other good codes here!

  13. the more i play around with randomizer the more i realize that a gain in one area means a loss in another. hopefully there is a good number out there that gives improvements across the board. post it if you find it!

  14. 77655 is the best code i've found yet

  15. The code I like to use is 97425 great range on missiles and towers are a bit cheaper

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  18. Hi guys
    I've been playing Robo defense for close to 10 years as it's one of the 1st games I ever downloaded & had a TON of upgrades for the game but recently I had to factory reset my phone & lost Everything.
    It's heartbreaking cus I spent years building up the game.
    I was wondering if there was a way to get my progress back?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you